Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas Sales

OK, so I didn't get up at the a$$ crack of dawn yesterday to take advantage.  I did however, go to Target late tonight.  I was pleasantly surprised to find they still had a ton of gift bags and matching tissue papers.  I cleaned up and have enough for the next two years I think!  I also got some great Bodycology sets that I'll keep for small cousin gifts next year.  SCORE!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas...Quiet as a Mouse!

The commute to work was great, I think everyone was either sleeping in or at the early morning sales!  Much to my surprise the parking lot at work was pretty empty and I was car #25.  I know a lot of people hate having to work during these last two weeks of the year, but I enjoy it.  The office is always super quiet and since everyone else is off the phone is silent and email is pretty sparse.  This allows me to catch up with emails and ore work that got put on the back burner during budget and other more important tasks!